Mid IR Differential LIDAR


The System is designed for operating in the wavelength region of 1.4 to 4.2 µm, which is of prime importance as many industrial and anthropogenic pollutants of the atmosphere have absorption bands in this spectral range.

The main fields of application includes control of the natural gas emission in the atmosphere, detection and identification of atmosphere pollution by industrial installations, mapping of aerosol clouds.

Main Parts

  • Laser Emitter
    • EO Q-Switched Pulsed Nd:YAG Pump Laser
    • Tunable OPO Unit (LiNb03 Optical Parametric Oscillator)
    • Beam Expander
    • Calibration Unit
    • EO Q-switch Driver
    • Programmable High Voltage Source
    • Step Motor Drivers
  • Beam Expander is used for beam collimation and partial compensation of atmosphere turbulence.
  • Receiver is a Newton type telescope that receives reflected signals from topographic targets. Telescope diameter is 300 mm with the focal distance of 1386 mm.
  • Rotating Platform is a rigid basis on which Receiving Telescope and Emitter is mounted.
  • Observing Module is a CCD camera for observation of current targets.
  • Registration part transfers optical signals into electrical ones for further processing. It consists of photo signal Preamplifiers and a Controller and actually processes all feedback signals.
  • Flash Lamp Driver is intended for operation of Flash Lamp with the capability of setting desired energy, repetition rate.
  • Cooling Unit is a water-to-air system intended for Laser Head cooling.
  • Computer Software controls the whole system using a number of users’ windows.