Standard Optics

A team of highly qualified LTP scientists, engineers and experienced technicians closely cooperate to design and produce fine optics. Specialized in hand made optics from glass and crystalline materials, the company possesses the appropriate production and control equipment to manufacture demanding optical elements that can satisfy the needs of most optics system designers. The present optics capabilities brochure contains a brief description for some of our products. As we are actually enhancing our knowledge of market needs, we are broadening our optics product range. Responding to current demand for custom-made quality products, we are investing for the upgrading of the existing equipment, placing particular importance to the reliability of our laser optics and other laser related optical components.

Laser Optics

LT-PYRKAL has a tradition in the R&D and prototype development of Laser Components and Laser Systems. The Company’s experience in Optics is mostly built around the development of our Laser Systems. Applications include precision optical elements for:

  • Polarization and Polarization Control;
  • Beam Separating, Splitting, and Isolating;
  • High Energy Lasers, Narrowband Transmission, High Reflection, UV and IR transparency, Low aberration.

The company manufactures custom Laser Optical elements for YAG, YLF and Excimer Lasers using a variety of materials: Special Glasses, Fused Silica. Soft and Hard Crystals. Optical elements can be supplied in the form of semi-finished and finished-polished substrates, coated windows, plates, prisms, lenses etc.

Crystalline Optics

LT-PYRKAL is also an experienced producer of Hard and Soft Crystals, and possesses the appropriate research, production and control equipment to transform the grown crystals to Crystalline Optical Elements. The Company’s technicians are skilled in selecting and orienting crystals, cutting, lapping, polishing and coating them to perform up to laser standards. Two separate laboratories, equiped with X-Ray Orientation, Interferometer, Autocollimator and Spectrophotometers, are correspondingly dedicated to the treatment of Hard and Soft Crystals. Diamond turning capacity is available, while working with Sapphire, YAG, Quartz, Calcite, as well as with Fluorides -CaF2, BaF2, MgF2, LiF enables us to produce sizable Crystalline Optics, i.e. flats, prisms, lenses, windows and substrates.

Polarization Optics

LT-PYRKAL offers custom made products in the fields of Light Polarization and the Manipulation of Polarized Light. Working with Crystalline materials makes Crystalline Polarization Optics our main field of competence. The company supplies Air Spaced or Contact Calcite Polarized Prisms to various configurations as well as Polarizer Cubes from different glasses coated with Dielectric Laser Line V-type coatings.

Thin Film Coatings

Involved in the manufacturing of Laser Optics, LTPYRKAL masters several coating technologies and possesses the appropriate coating equipment. The company has good experience in narrow-band V and
W types of AR dielectric coatings, Dielectric Interference Mirrors and High Reflection metal coated Reflectors, using electron beam, vacuum sputtering and galvanic technologies. The Coatings Unit is divided into the Chemical Preparation Section, the Coatings Section and the Measuring and Control section. For more information, consult our “Thin Film Coatings” brochure (equipment, technologies, and products).

Lenses, Prisms, Windows, Wedges

LT-PYRKAL offers custom made standard laser optics products: Lenses, Prisms, Windows, Wedges etc. Other specific laser optics may also be manufactured in our premises according to your specifications
to cover the different needs of laser systems designers. Optics can be supplied semi-finished, polished and coated from Glass, Fused Silica and Crystalline (YAG, CaF2, LiF. BaF2) materials. We can also apply
metallic and/or dielectric coatings on their surfaces to your request, making them suitable for a variety of uses and applications.