EO Q-Switch Driver EOD 4.8/15


EO Q-Switch Driver EOD 4.8/15 is designed for operation with flash lamp-pumped lasers producing nanosecond laser pulses with repetition rates up to 300 Hz. The system can also be reliably used for vehicle-mounted LIDAR and Range-finding systems.

Technical Description

When an electrical field produced by the EO Driver is applied on an electro-optical (EO) crystal, the refractive index of EO crystal will change. This phenomenon is called electro-optical effect. Making use of this phenomenon, it is possible to alter both the intensity (amplitude) and phase modulation of a light beam passing through the EO crystal medium. For example, if a laser beam passes through the aperture of an EO crystal cell placed between crossed polarizes, and then the output intensity of this laser beam will depend on the electrical field applied on this EO cell. This way, one can modulate the light beam intensity by using the presented Driver EOD 4.8/15.

The model EOD 4.8/15 Electro-optical Q-Switch Driver is a compact electronic control device, which is designed using MOSFET transistor technology. The high voltage output provided by this driver can be varied up to 4.8 kV by adjusting the internal power supply. The driver is located into a fully closed metal box.